by June Kamerling on June 14, 2014

June 14th, 2014

HAPPENINGS AT THE STUDIO: El Cerrito Fitness Pilates Mat Class with Ball

 It is just about our 4 year anniversary at El Cerrito Fitness. WOW!! I never would have  thought….actually I was in such denial when I opened the studio 4 summers ago, about  my abilities to run a business that I couldn’t even look this far ahead.  But, here we are. In  4 years I have always been able to pay the bills, pay the trainers and take a salary. Big  YAY!! I thank the many people who taught me about running a business. The top few that  come to mind: My amazing hubby Dana Meyer who has run his own successful business, Dana Meyer Auto Care for 35+ years, Katie Santos, 1/3 owner of Absolute Center, Pilates and Fitness studio in Lafayette Ca, Michelle Molitor of Nectar Consulting who is a skilled business coach, Lisa Cain of Marketing U who I took marketing workshops from in the very beginning….I know there are more and I am grateful to everyone who has helped me figure out what to do and where to go next to make my business a successful one.  

El Cerrito Fitness has gone through transitions over the years. We’ve added trainers, trainers have left, new trainers  have come on board. I have to say very proudly that the only reason trainers have left was to move out of town.  As my previous blog-post states, Christina Fisch  just moved to LA. We have been in transition for  a few months but things are smoothing out and my anxiety level of a few weeks ago has dropped, happily.  Each trainer brings their own style, skill and personality to their sessions and classes.  I’m so grateful to have these amazing people working with me. Clients continually report how warm and friendly El Cerrito Fitness is. 


Our Kettle Bell Workshop has been a HUGE success. We will offer it again in the fall.
Same with the Bicycle Workshop- coming again soon. 
Pilates for Singers will be scheduled soon…..keep checking.

Conditioning for Dancers
Boot Camp for Athletes
Kettle Bells
Let us know if there’s something you’d like to see at the studio.

We’re going to offer a Beginning Reformer and Beginning Springboard Class….keep checking.

Pre-Natal / Post-Partum Pilates- Private sessions are now being offered.
We have several new moms who are interested in attending a group class. Let us know
if you are one of those new moms and we’ll do our best to schedule a class. Baby’s are welcome.

4th of July!!!!

Please come visit us at the El Cerrito 4th of July World One Festival. 10-6 PM. Music all day, lots of great food, booths (we’ll be one of them) and great community. If you are a client and would like to help out for a few hours please let me know. I am offering one free class in exchange for 2 hours of your time.




It’s summertime. School is out, many kids have graduated from college, high school (mine!!) or even kindergarten!! We’re possibly thinking about vacation time. But beyond all of that, SO MANY of us (women) are thinking about our bodies. How fat/thin/tan we are. How do we look in a bathing suit, shorts, strapless or sleeveless top?    We spend so much time hating our bodies and dieting, trying to get the numbers down on the scale.
I have learned over years that the scale can be a useful tool but should not be abused. It should not rule our lives. It should not rule how we feel about ourselves that day or ever.  How many times have you woken up feeling pretty darn great only to get on the scale, have it NOT show you a number that pleases you and suddenly you feel like a big fat blob. On goes the baggy top:  Nothing tucked in today, and you’re mad at yourself.  You’re BAD because the scale didn’t how you some random number that will make you feel happy. 

The scale does not measure how healthy you are. It does not measure the love in your heart, your personality or that you didn’t eat sugar yesterday and how proud you were to have made it through that day.  PUT AWAY YOUR SCALE!!  PLEASE concentrate on being healthy and not on what you weigh.  I promise you that if you eat REAL food and move your body, the weight will come off. The fat will burn. Did you know that muscle weighs more then fat?  I weigh almost the same as when I changed my diet to a REAL foods diet (Paleo) 3 years ago. However, my body is totally different and I have lost inches all over. I built muscle and burned fat. Give it a try. If what you’re currently doing isn’t giving you the results you want, why not try something different? What do you have to lose? (ahem….extra body fat)!!

Next time I’ll talk about how to prepare some easy Paleo recipes and guide you to some healthy REAL food meal plans.

I’m going to leave you with this for now. I accidentally deleted about an hour of blog post about sitting and how to counter the ill effects of our hours of sitting each day. AAGGGHHH…..So now I”VE been sitting way too long! We’ll have to save that for another time.

Wishing you all a great week ahead. Eat REAL food, stay active and stay healthy.
June Kamerling



 June 3rd, 2014

El Cerrito Fitness Pilates Mat Class with BallHAPPENINGS AT THE STUDIO:  

OMG!!! So many changes!!   We sadly said farewell to Christina Fisch last week as she sailed down the fwy on her move to LA.  with hubby Doug. We wish her/them the best, but wish she didn’t have to move to LA.    BUT…..we also welcome Jennifer Bearse, to our studio. We know that Jen will  be as loved as Christina.


Kettle Bell Workshop starts this Sunday, June 8th. THERE IS ONE SPACE LEFT!!! Do not miss this fabulous workout. You can sign up here: KB workshop.   


Did you know we have reformer and mat classes at all kinds of times?  For the early bird, 6 AM and 7 AM, for the after work type, 5:30 and 6:30 PM. We have weekend classes as well as weekday mid day. Check here for schedule of all classes.   

Lastly (for now), we will have a table at the El Cerrito 4th of July Festival. Please come by and say hi. We’ll have lots of info, demos, and special sales just for that day. Hope to see you there.

Please, please, please, call the studio, 510-604-5732, or e-mail with any questions or need for info.




I think we can all agree that processed foods with additives and GMO’s are not our best choice for optimum health.  So….what do we eat? There are as many opinions and books about diet as there are fish in the sea!!  MY opinion, based on my own experience, experience of many people I know and studies I’ve followed up on is that REAL food is the best bet. Food that will nourish the body; Food that is minimally processed;  Food that will not destroy the planet due to mass production (OK, that last comment is a book in and of itself…I’ll address that another time).

My question for you is, How do you feel?  Do you have energy? Is your digestion amazingly fabulous or do you have tummy issues?  Do you get the afternoon brain dead slumps? Does your skin radiate or is it pasty looking and broken out? Do you have arthritis, eczema, chronic allergies and/or colds?   If you  have any of the above ailments,  you may want to think about how the food you’re eating is causing inflammation in  your gut, your immune system.  Maybe it’s time to look at dietary change.  Also, if you want to lose fat on your body. Diet change is the way to do it (in addition to exercise, but exercise alone will not trim you down very much, it’ll build muscle….another story for another time).

I’m not a nutritionist. I can only tell you that when I changed my diet 3+ years ago my life changed.  

  • Achy joints went away when I went off dairy
  • Lost fat around my belly when I went gluten free
  • No more brain fog
  • Started sleeping through the night 
  • No more bloated belly (and the unpleasantness that comes with bloated belly).
  • Waaayyyyy  more energy
  • Allergies went away. Spring allergies, dust, cat!! GONE!
  • I started loving to cook
  • sugar cravings GONE!

 I’m sure I can think of more good things that happened, but  you get the idea.   


I eat organic (as much as possible) fruits and vegetables. I eat nuts and seeds, though I have to take it easy on those. I eat meat….beef, lamb, chicken, pork, eggs that have been locally raised and grass fed.  I rarely eat factory farmed meats. I’m rarely hungry between meals and when I eat a meal it lasts for hours. I eat sugar and chocolate sometimes though the pleasure part is over quickly (we all know that) and I’m left either wanting more and/or feeling yucky.

What can you eat?   You don’t need to go all out at once….that’s too threatening. Try one thing….many people give up gluten to start, a known inflammatory grain. Other’s give up sugar. Whichever you do, do it for a month and see how you feel. If you don’t feel different, I wouldn’t say “oh that’s not it” and eat it again. I’d add another to the mix. If you give up gluten and don’t feel different because you are still eating grains that may be causing inflammation, give up grains (yes, even the gluten free breads and pastas)…see how that feels.  

The important thing is to get enough protein and fat in your diet.  Fat is satiating. It will not make you fat!! We’ve been so brainwashed! 
Eat half an avocado with a meal, cook with coconut oil (which can withstand the high heat), almond butter if you can tolerate nuts, sardines, red meat, bone broth, butter (grass fed), eggs, salmon.  So many possibilities.

Read labels. Try buying food that has only 1 or 2 items on the ingredients list. Ex: Ingredients: wild salmon or Ingredients: Organic coconut oil.  If you can’t pronounce or understand the ingredient, maybe you shouldn’t be eating it!

I’m happy to discuss REAL food (also called Paleo) with anyone. If you’re interested, check out the following websites:

Wishing you the best in joy and health, June Kamerling





April 19th,

Wow…the weather is gorgeous this weekend. I’m excited to get home and immerse myself in my very overgrown front yard where flowers and weeds alike are eager to open their faces to the sun.  Even in our droughty conditions (that’s not actually a word…droughty) front yard (drought tolerant) is thriving with just the little bit of rain we’ve had these past few months.

The studio is also blossoming and thriving. YAYYY!! That of course, makes me very happy. We’re adding oodles of new workshops and classes. Ernie Adams will be teaching Pilates Moving Anatomy, Nathan Hohmann is adding a Classical Pilates mat class, AND teaching a Pilates for Bicyclists workshop in May. Molly Merson, certified Kettle Bell and Crossfit coach is going to be giving what I know will be a knockout Kettle Bell workshop in June.  Our former trainer Sonia Fernandez is coming back for a short visit to teach her specialty, Pilates for Singers.

Many of our classes are full and we are continually adding more classes. Maybe soon we’ll need a bigger space!! Could happen!!

I’m dreading the end of May though when our wonderfully fabulous Christina Fisch will be leaving us to move to LA. I’m still in denial. I have a few trainers lined up to take her place, one being a great Pilates trainer who HAPPENS to also be a CrossFit coach. She may just be able to fill Christina’s shoes!! Here’s hoping. More to come on that!!

I spent last weekend in Austin Texas at Paleo f(x) Ancestral Momentum-Theory to Practice.   It was at the Palmer Convention Center in Austin.  It was AAAAAMAZING!!!   There were many many talks given by some of the biggest names in the REAL food world, lots of cooking demos, exercise workshops, and many many like minded friends to meet and people to chat with.
So….What is Paleo? It is actually many things….but it’s NOT eating raw meat, wearing a loin cloth and picking berries for my dinner.
May that works for someone else, but not for me.  Essentially, Paleo is eating foods that are non-inflammatory to our gut. Food in it’s purest form…not processed, or minimally processed (we have to cook some things), food that is sustainable, food that makes us feel fabulous and keeps our bodies thriving and energetic. So, for me (and many in the Paleo community) that means locally raised and pasture fed meats, pastured eggs, organic fruits and vegies. My particular body does not do well with dairy, raw, goat or otherwise. I do not eat grains (especially gluten), soy, and lately nuts are not my friend.  What do I eat? I eat eggs, meat, fruits and vegies, coconut oil and flour. The great thing is, I’m never hungry. The fat in the food I eat is satiating (Yes, I eat lots of bacon) so I don’t feel deprived. Do I eat sugar? Yeah….sometimes!! I’m better when I don’t eat sugar, but….I’m human and I do love it! I don’t  love how it makes me feel though, so I do limit it.

So, how does Paleo (or REAL food, as I prefer to call it) mix with Pilates? If we are to be in excellent health, if we are to age with vibrancy and life, we must take care of our bodies.  To do that, we have to move properly and eat properly. Well, I’ve already talked about the food part. Pilates makes you strong. Pilates accentuates many primal movements that we used to do before we were sitting all the time; squatting, reaching, crawling, moving our limbs to their full extent, lifting, twisting.  Many of the Pilates exercises are named after animals; Swan, Seal, Snake, Cat/Cow (some call it Cat/Camel). We’ve lost our ability to move our limbs to their fullest and to be strong in our core because we sit so much and we are essentially a lethargic society (not all of us, but many) We eat inflammatory foods and we sit around a lot.  In order to be in optimum health we must find our right combination of moving and eating.

Clients come to our studio all the time wanting to “lose weight”. They’re hoping that doing a Pilates work-out a few times per week will help them lose their belly fat, or their saggy upper arms. It certainly will help, as it helps them build more muscle, but exercise alone is  not enough. Really, the best way to lose fat…to burn fat, is to eat fat!  Protein, fat and carbs in the way of vegies. THAT’s how you will burn fat. Exercise will help you build more muscle.  It’s so thrilling to see someone really understand that and get on their path to a new more healthful life.

At 61, I am in the best health I’ve ever been in IN MY LIFE!!  I’ll thank my mom’s genes for part of that, but really I thank all of the Paleo community, all the books that those really smart people who know the science behind this lifestyle wrote, all my new REAL food friends, and all that I”ve learned about this lifestyle.

If anyone would like more info or would like to discuss any of this post with me, please feel free to contact me at ,  Yours in health, June K

________________________________The _End!___________________________________________________


April 6, 2014

Spring seems to be here….or maybe a quick segue into summer from our rainy past few weeks, is more like it.
Here at El Cerrito Fitness business has been booming since January. YAYYYY!!!!

We’ve added 2 classes, 9 AM Saturday reformer, and 3 PM Thursday reformer, both for the beginner to early intermediate
student, taught by Nathan Hohmann.
We continue to welcome more and more post-partum moms wanting to repair their belly tissue and muscles, and generally get their core strength back after baby.  Christina Fisch is currently our “Preggers/Post Preggers” Pilates girl, but not for long. June Kamerling (that would be me) will be taking the “Pre-natal/Post-partum” certification training at the end of  April and will happily join the club of
working with new moms, and moms to be.

And speaking of Christina Fisch, sadly for us, she is moving to LA to be with her hubby who will be working in the Orange County area.
Christina is a “one of a kind” trainer and she will be missed by many.

The good news is that we have really fabulous trainers here at El Cerrito Fitness, so we hope to smoothly transition when Christina leaves into business as usual.  We hope that when Christina comes back to visit her family, she’ll arrange to teach a specialty Circuit class or two for her loyal students and anyone else who would like to join in.

Lately, I’m feeling really fabulous.  Pilates is an amazing form of exercise and it keeps me strong and injury free (mostly), especially as I do CrossFit 3x/week.  But what keeps me REALLY healthy these days is following a Paleo Lifestyle.  As I learn more and more about this healthful way of eating, I become more and more interested and concerned about the state of our planet, and become more and more an advocate of sustainable farming (ie: supporting sustainably and  locally raised food, be it vegies, fruit, or meat.

This week I’m going to a huge symposium called “Paleo f(x) Ancestral Momentum-Theory to Practice. I’m so excited. This will be 3 days of lots and lots of talks, workshops, cooking demos, book signings, things to buy, friends to meet, networking to do…..with like minded folks.
Do you remember being little and counting the days till your birthday? Or Christmas? Or any special event? That’s how I feel.

I’m sure I’ll have a lot to say upon my return. Stay tuned.

For now…..Enjoy,

In health, June


January, 2014

I hope you’ve all had a great December holiday, in whichever way you celebrate.

Things really slow down at the studio during December so I/we took advantage of that to slow down myself.
We closed the studio for a few days and took some needed time off to be quiet and do NOTHING!! (what a concept).

Even though I was pretty low key (we don’t celebrate Christmas and had a quiet New Years) my routine and schedule is really thrown off.  So, I’m really glad now to get back to somewhat of a regular routine.

Speaking of routine….how about your routine? Did you put off exercising? Eat WAY more then you normally would or want to
especially in the sugar department? Many of us (me included) are sugar addicted. When sugar is in front of us….we eat. We eat before we even know that we are eating and we can’t stop!!  I’ve been gluten free for 7 years which makes it easy to stay away from the cookies and cakes, but even so, there are PLENTY of gluten free sweets around at holiday time. I KNOW THEM ALL!!

So, also like many, I set January 1st as my start….start of a change to do something differently.  For me it’s no sugar treats. It takes a few days to get into the swing. Our body says “OH NO…I WANT that yummy sweet thing”. I need to think, stay really conscious, distract, do something different in order to not give in to that sweet craving. The bottom line is I feel really crappy when I eat a lot of sugar…so that’s an important thing for me to remember to keep my hands off and mouth closed.

What works for me is connecting to some of my on-line communities of people doing the same thing. I follow a Paleo lifestyle and am connected to many Paleo blogs, friends, communities etc. Also staying away from the computer (where I tend to love to eat….Hello Facebook?..therefore sitting at the computer triggers that “hmmm…time to eat” response).  Playing the piano is always a good thing….it’s something I want to do and you can’t eat when you are using both hands to play and opening your mouth to sing. . Plus I firmly do not allow any food or drinks on or near my piano.

So, back to routine. Tomorrow, school starts for the kids again. I start my regular exercise program again…Monday, Wednesday, Friday 7 AM at CrossFit (yes, I do Pilates too, but remember, I OWN the business….don’t get to have a REGULAR Pilates time…I have to leave the studio to exercise). And back to sane and regular eating…for me that’s Paleo and especially being sugar free.

What is your routine? Are you thinking it’s time to start a new exercise program? We have many great classes at El Cerrito Fitness. Mat classes, reformer, mixed equipment, springboard. We also have private and semi-private sessions.  If you’ve never done Pilates before but have been meaning to, this is a great time to learn Pilates, or continue your Pilates program if you’re an old timer. Do you need some guidance with your eating?  Want to lose weight, want to get into healthier eating habits?  Talk to me about it. I can give you suggestions based on my own experience and I can als0 refer you to nutritional consultants who can more specifically help you with a program.

So, lets enter 2014  with an attitude of focus, optimism and determination to set and attain or new goals.

Yours in health and fitness,



El Cerrito Fitness has partnered with Hibiscus Boutique Spa and Adorn and Flourish Jewelry  Boutique for an afternoon of pre-Holiday Shopping (remember Chanukah starts on Thanksgiving evening). Please stop by to do your holiday shopping. Discounts on Kate Peterson’s fabulous jewelry, Andreea Ichim’s signature facials plus her home made completely natural and non-toxic skin care products, and discounts on Pilates classes. We’ll have tasty treats to eat too!!


As part of our free lecture series, we present on Wednesday November 6th at 7:30 PM; Gut Health. This talk is by Ilah Jarvis, Nutritional Consultant. Here’s what Ilah says:  “Digestive problems affects the whole body, including joints, sinuses, skin, energy and mood. We will take a look at common causes of digestive issues, as well actions you can take to start feeling better. Snacks and recipe tips will be included”.

Please let us know that you are coming. Feel free to bring a friend.

And speaking of gut health….If you are a meat eater and tired of supporting the commercial meat industry, check out Tara Firma Farms. A bunch of us in Richmond are going to be ordering CSA style from this lovely farm in Petaluma where they raise their cows, lambs, pork, chickens and turkeys on a 100% organic grass/vegie/fruit diet.  The prices are reasonable and we are supporting local sustainable farms.  Let me know if you are interested in participating. Delivery will be once per month of a Wednesday (not sure which Wed. yet) at CrossFit Cypher in Richmond.

I’ve been off of sugar now for 2 weeks. Feeling pretty damn fabulous and relieved not to be craving and wanting chocolate all the time. I’m not one of those people who can keep a chocolate bar (yes, even 80% cacao and organic) in the fridge and have a square every day. If it’s in my fridge…it’s going to be gone very soon. So…again, I’m relieved to be over the hump and out of the cravings. I feel like my blood sugar has balanced out a bit. I don’t seem to be getting those afternoon brain dead comatose slumps.  One day at a time I intend to keep this up. Fingers crossed.

Remember I said I was taking an ORBIT class? Remember I said we only have 1 Orbit?
Well, the class was FABULOUS and I now have 2 Orbits. Hopefully 3 and 4 in the future so we can have a class. It’s WAY fun!!  We’ll be using the Orbit in our private sessions. If you’re curious call me to set up a session. Great workout and great fun whether  you are a star athlete, or rehabbing from an injury (or somewhere in between).



I just got an “ORBIT”…I know….What’s an Orbit? It looks like an oblong padded skateboard…but heavier and w/ wheels that go in all directions. It’s a Pilates “toy”. It’s really fun.
There are many exercises one can do on an Orbit.

I’ll be taking an “ORBIT” class this week at Absolute Center Pilates Studio in Lafayette. I only have 1 so we won’t be offering Orbit classes but I’ve been using it w/ many clients. Reports are good!!

The Tabata Boot Camp is under way and going well. Christian Bryan will be offering it again in January so get ready to sign up…bring a friend. It’s so much more fun (I think) working out w/ a buddy.

We welcome Rochelle Kiddoo who is now teaching  Monday night mat class and we hope to have her doing more teaching as time goes. Rochelle would like to start a “Mat for beginners” class, as well as a “Take care of your back” class. More info coming on these in the near future.

On the Paleo front, I’ve been researching local sustainable farms from which to buy grassfed meat.

There are actually many (YAY).  It looks like CrossFit Cypher (Richmond) will be the host site for Tara Firma Farms. We need 20 sign ups. If anyone reading this is interested, please contact me for more info.

I’ve never considered myself a political person, but the truth is, my politics lie in promoting good nutrition and real food. I no longer want to support commercial feed lot meat, for the sake of our health and for the sake of the animals in the feedlots.  I’m becoming more and more excited about learning about locally raised grass fed meats, pastured eggs and our local sustainable farms.  More to come on that.


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